Total Body Workouts

There are a lot of options when it comes to total body workouts, like Zumba, Kickboxing, Crossfit, etc. All these are great exercises to burn calories and torch fat, as well as gaining strength. Zumba is one particularly famous one. Over the past decade it has gained more and more popularity over the world. This is mainly due to the fact that Zumba is a fun, and efficient way to lose weight and gain muscle strength. Zumba, along with muscular strength, also builds cardiovascular strength. It is a great workout for your lungs and increases stamina. The best part about going for a Zumba workout is that it hardly feels like a workout. It is more like a party, a party of fitness enthusiasts all there to sweat it out and have fun. These benefits make it a great total body workout for women and men both.

Crossfit is another great exercise. It is really effective to build raw power in you. Crossfit is a mix of different full body exercise, strung together to activate a large number muscles. In addition to that, this workout is a high intensity workout. So it raises your heart rate with each rep of each exercise. This is great to increase both cardiovascular and muscular strength, and as well as endurance in athletes. It also results in increasing the metabolism, so your body burns more fat throughout the day. Crossfit is a sure shot workout in every athlete’s training program, as along with endurance and strength it also increases speed, agility and balance as well. It is excellent for someone looking to push their limits. It is a comprehensive workout program, with multiple benefits. Whether you enjoy contact sports, or running, or any other athletic sport, crossfit is a great full body workout for men and women both.

Kickboxing and other combat workouts are another great form of total body workout. In case of boxing or kickboxing workout, just the stretches and warm up before the workout turns out to be quite strenuous for the body. These workouts strengthen your muscles as well as your bones. This prevents you from diseases like osteoporosis in the future. So, try incorporating total body workouts in your routine as much as you can.